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What Our Past Clients Say

Sean Smith
Sean Smith
Had the best time working with Patrick. Will definitely continue to work with him. He was great and hard working throughout the whole process from start to finish.
Paul Sherman
Paul Sherman
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Patrick. He is very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable! He definitely knows his way around the real estate business. 👍🏻👍🏻
Perry Baxter
Perry Baxter
As a real estate agent, Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and professional, one of the best in the field. His attention to detail and follow up is impeccable. As a person, he is honest, genuine, hard working, patient, well rounded and shows great perseverance in getting the job done. He sold our home and found me a new one, both great deals. I would highly recommend his services and undoubtedly would use him again in a heartbeat. Thank you Patrick Kaiser!
Cade Thorne
Cade Thorne
I used Patrick to list a property I owned in Glendale. He was very professional and took a lot of time helping me with anything I needed. I would definitely use him again if I need to list another property.
Jenelle Z
Jenelle Z
In under 4 weeks, from listing to closing, Patrick helped sell my townhome for 10k over the asking price! It went so smooth, and Patrick was there every step of the way to answer questions and give advice. He was always so friendly and easy to work with. He went above and beyond to ensure everything went well and to my benefit. He even helped clean the windows and scheduled/met a carpet guy on-site to get the house looking nice and ready for listing quickly…what realtor does that?! Plus, you can’t beat his low, flat rate! I highly recommend Patrick and will be using him in the future.
Lyle Klein
Lyle Klein
I am also an agent that works only on acquiring properties for my investors. When they go to sell it on the back end one of their main priorities is to make as much money as possible obviously. I have referred multiple Investors that have worked with Patrick and they have nothing but good things to say. I have personally used him on some of my own remodels and he did a great job as expected. My main concern with Patrick originally was that just because he offered a discounted $3,000 flat fee that I did not get a sub-par job compared to a traditional 2.5% - 3% agent. Patrick is more knowledgable than 99% of agents and has much more experience due to the amount of transactions he does and years of experience he has. Highly recommend if you like saving money. Just as good (much better in my opinion) than a traditional agent.
Afework Mengesha
Afework Mengesha
Patrick is a nice guy to work with. He is kind, honest and hard worker.
Lisa K.
Lisa K.
Patrick is wonderful. He is a honest and I love that. He knows more than most and this makes him highly aware of everything going on. Patrick doesn’t miss a beat! This is the kind of realtor you want representing you! PHENOMENAL!
About Us

The Listing Fee is 1%

+ You choose the buyer agent commission (optional)

Every Listing includes:

What is our
Listing Launch Package?

This is our premium launch service that is the best combination of generating buzz while turning over every rock and stone to give as many people as possible an opportunity to see your house with the least amount of inconvenience to you.
Pre-Listing Blitz 01

Pre-Listing Blitz

Starting 2 weeks before, we advertise the open house on social media, NextDoor, Facebook, pass out flyers to your neighborhood, email agents in areas that commonly move to our state.
Neighbor's Only Open House 02

Neighbor's Only Open House

Then on Friday from 4-6 we host a neighborhood preview. This gives us a chance to see if your neighbors know anyone who wants to live in the neighborhood and give nosy neighbors a chance to not clog up our main event.
Primary Open House 03

Primary Open House

Saturday we host the primary Open House from 10-2, gathering all potential buyers into a short enough space to generate buzz. We only allow 1 group through the open house at a time, in order to give each person the feeling that they are moving into the house. This also gives us an opportunity to watch out for your personal belongings, pets, and to monitor who is inside your home.
Agent Exclusives 04

Agent Exclusives

On Sunday we allow agents to schedule private showings from 12-4 and use the agent-only lockbox to access the property. This gives everyone a chance to see the home that wants to see it with the least amount of hassle to you, the homeowner.

We Love Working With Investors!

Sell 3 Listings, and the 4th is FREE!

Free Virtual Staging

Investors get free virtual staging on all vacant listings. Want real staging? For an extra 1%, I'll pay for the staging!

We Love Investors!

We love working with flippers, wholesalers, and property managers who want to sell multiple properties/year.

Sell 3, and the 4th is Free

If you are flipping, selling portfolios, or an institutional owner looking to offload multiple properties, you've come to the right place. When you sell 3 properties, the 4th one is on us!
Virtual Staging makes vacant listings look more full in photos but the in-person experience is an empty house
Real Staging looks more authentic and the buyers get the same experience when they view the home in person

Still not convinced?

Just call me, Patrick Kaiser, directly at 602-768-2767.
Give me 5 minutes to tell you why we are the best fit for your next home sale!